Overview of the Residential Course '08

Hi all

Another successful Residential Course which culminated in a kyu and Dan grading where we had 12 students attempting their kyu grades and 7 attempting shodan grades. Congratulations to you all for grading after such a hard weekend and also to those of you who attained your grade. For those of you who didn't quite make it this time round, keep on training and you will succeed next time.

We are waiting for a full course report but if anybody has an comments in the meantime they would like to forward or their own course report we would gratefully receive them as we would any pictures or video. We have also added a subject area on the Message Board for you to feed back your thoughts.

The booking forms are already out their ready for 2009, and as an added addition following a great suggestion from Barry Tullett from the Margate clubs we have already booked the venue for a private party on the Friday night to get the weekend off to a great start!

We look forward to hearing back from you all.

Kindest regards

Pete and Pat

Course Report Sensei's Dave Paine 3rd Dan and Paul Edwards 3rd Dan, Wantage Club

It is probably my age. In fact I am sure it is. Positive, in fact. They do say that as you get older time seems to speed up and this must be the reason why the previous year shot by and Friday May 19th, 2008 saw a group of Wantage Karate Club members heading down to Devon Cliffs near Exeter for yet another TSKA residential karate course.

Once again the club had a decent number of attendees for this annual event with twelve karateka (along with associated families) turning up at the caravan park for wine, beer (well, lager anyway), gin and singing. Oh yes, and some karate training.

Training started relatively early with a group session on the beach where we practised Wankan (what an excellent start to a course!) for close to an hour. Of course, this was just a taster for the main event which was to be three three hour long training classes at the local sport centre, taught by Senseis Peter Manning, John Euden, Gary Roberts and Paul Mitchell.