Comments from some of the attendees of the Residential Course 2009 - we'd love to hear more feedback


We would just again like to thank you and all who put the fantastic weekend together.
many thanks
Angie, Mike & nick costello



Just a quick word to say many thanks for such a great res course, training was superb, and overall it was a great weekend.

Kevan Wells Karate Club

Hi all

Despite the weather yet another great Residential Course with over 50 people training for the 3 days. Congratulations to those who attempted and passed both their kyu and dan grades. As I am sure you can all imagine to attempt to grade after such a hard weekend is no easy task. For those of you who didn't quite make it this time round, keep on training and aim for it again.

We will be glad to receive any course reports and any comments. I have also set up a groups page for anyone to upload their photo's and for everyone to view these and order them to be printed. If you call/email me, I will give you the login details.

Following feedback from various people we are looking at prices and contracts from an alternative company for caravans for 2010, but aiming to remain at Devon Cliffs - as soon as we have firmed up the details we will let you know. Also, with the success of the party night we will rebook this for next year but we would also welcome any other feedback so that we can improve on the weekend for 2010.

We look forward to hearing back from you all.

Kindest regards

Pete and Pat