Junsui Shotokan Karate Do host course with Sensei's Peter Manning and John Euden - 7th November 2015

On the 7th November 2015 we hosted a course delivered by Sensei Peter Manning 7th Dan and Sensei John Euden 6th Dan of the TSKA. The course was attended by members of Junsui Shotokan Karate Do who also invited students from other clubs in the local area. Sho Shin Kai Thornley/Trimdon and Kyokutan Karate Darlington sent students to attend. The course started at 12:15pm for a warm up and the course started at 12:30 which was split into three one hour sessions with breaks in-between and concluded at 16:00.

Sensei Steven Beresford 4th Dan welcomed everyone to the course and introduced Sensei's to the attendees. Sensei John Euden took the warm up and then the class split into low and high grades. 6th Kyu and below trained with Sensei Peter Manning for the 1st hour and 5th Kyu and above trained with Sensei John Euden. After an hour the course had a break for 15 minutes and then changed instructors. Sensei Peter Manning took the 5th Kyu and above and Sensei John Euden the 6th Kyu and below.

The course entailed fine tuning the basic moves and stances with excellent explanations of each move and the reason for doing so. Sensei's explained each move and showed the effectiveness of the technique, students paired up in each session working on Ippon Kumite for the high grades and Sanbon Kumite for the low grades. Students partnered to run the combination through for defence and attack. The course was full of clear and precise instruction and delivered in a friendly warm way but maintaining the emphasis of the martial way.

For the final hour Sensei Steven Beresford took the younger students for breakfall and takedown practice whilst the older students stayed with Sensei's Peter Manning and John Euden for some practical Karate for real situations. Sensei's again delivered with clear to the point instruction showing techniques which have been learnt through experience and tested for effectiveness.

Everyone enjoyed the course and were full of compliments for Sensei's Peter Manning and John Euden with floods of questions when can we do this next. We were very privileged to have had this opportunity and thank Sensei's for their time and tuition.