Course with Sensei Joe Ellis 6th Dan, Chairman of NAKMAS the National Governing Body

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Sensei Ellis is featured in the January edition of Traditional Karate with regard to his involvement in Karate England.

On Wednesday 24th January 2007 the TSKA hosted a karate course with the Chairman of NAKMAS the Governing Body to which we are affiliated, Sensei Joe Ellis 6th Dan.

The course was held at the Mere dojo and many dan grades attended the session.

The training was in the form of knockdown fighting combinations, distraction and close kicking techniques. Sensei Ellis took his time to both demonstrate and explain in great detail the moves and applications he was teaching.

The course concluded with Joe fighting in turn all the dan grade seniors, many of which commented on how fast and precise Joe was for a big guy.

Needless to say the course was a great success - the message board holds many comments for those that attended if you want to check it out.