Sensei John Euden 5th Dan

Sensei John Euden has been training since 1982 gaining his kyu gradings under Ray Fuller and his Shodan with the BSBJK where he originally met Sensei Manning.

His club joined the FSKI where he attained his Nidan. Then subsequently joined the JKA where he was able to train with all visiting Japanese instructors to the UK and where he attained his Sandan.

Sensei Euden believes in training with equal emphasis on all aspects of the three k’s - kihon, kata and kumite.

Sensei Euden was promoted to TSKA Assistant Chief Instructor in May 2009 at the Devon Residential Course. He is a superb all round karateka and does a great deal behind the scenes for the association.

Sensei Gary Roberts 5th Dan

Sensei Gary Roberts has been practising karate for over 28 years. He runs his own clubs in the Newquay area.

Sensei Roberts was a member with the KUGB before joining the TSKA in 1998.

Sensei Roberts has competed for the TSKA at both the Nationals against Scotland gaining success with his kata performance.


Sensei Paul Mitchell 5th Dan

Sensei Paul Mitchell has been training since the early 1980's. He began his study of Shotokan Karate with the KUGB taking his kyu grades under Sensei Yoshinobu Ohta and gaining his Shodan and Nidan grades with the late Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda.

In 2002, Paul and his wife Christine joined the TSKA and the group have since gone from strength to strength. Sensei Mitchell has classes in the Somerset area and has a keen interest in the realistic interpretations of Shotokan’s Katas.